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Thanks to ELIFRANCE Energy, the company realized huge investments to allow the manufacturing of high quality PV modules starting from 2011 with a yearly production of 45MWp, a new core of business focused on the solar industry. The target is to provide only high quality products in order to ensure high performance and durable PV modules to our customers. The range of products includes a wide set of panels of various sizes and powers.

Products & Services

The ranges of photovoltaic modules, or Mono poycristallins are ideal for integration projects for buildings and solar power plants on the ground. The quality of the industrial process of energy ELIFRANCE guarantee a reliable return on investment. A particular expectation has been given to safety aspects. The photovoltaic modules are equipped with a glass pyramid structure which increases the yield of about 3 to 5%.


Prototyping and test: ELIFRANCE is equipped with a test Plant area where all efficiency tests of products are executed before placing them on the market. The area is deployed in our headquarter site. The solutions allows to investigate both the optimization of components and the energy station engineering. Materials management: Since the quality of product comes first from painstaking choice and decision of related trade agreements, ELIFRANCE Energy gives attention to the process of materials purchasing and managing. The incoming inspection and Q-Data controlling profit a great advantage from sixty years of ems experience.


The production line for photovoltaic modules is achieved using the most advanced technological solutions and provides the steps of:   CELL’S INCOMING –  INSPECTION WASHING GLASSES – STRING LAYUP – DARKTESTER – ROLLING – FRAMING – SUN SIMULATOR

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